Dental phobia and anxiety is an involuntary response to undergoing dental assessment and treatment. The good news is Dr Kimberly Ivett has worked closely with many fellow phobic patients her entire career and has helped them make incredible progress.

Once she can identify the triggers for a patients dental anxiety, she is able to propose the best way of treating them moving forward. In over 10 years of treating phobic patients, Dr Ivett has developed well-grounded relationships with patients and working together, their fears are now non-existent.

Step 1: Making the Appointment

At the first appointment, Dr Kimberly Ivett will not do any treatment. She will have a friendly discussion about the patients dental history and gain an understanding of the severity of their phobia.

Dr Kimberly Ivett has found the following steps have assisted her other phobic patients prepare to make an appointment:

  1. Be informed and visit to help understand common phobic feelings and fears
  2. Get support by talking to friends and family, perhaps have someone you trust attend the appointment with you
  3. Speak to our experienced staff, inform them of your dental anxieties/phobias
  4. Call to book an appointment (02) 9699 5199

Booking an appointment can be incredibly difficult for many phobic patients, this is a huge achievement and should be congratulated.

Step 2: Attending the Appointment

Dr Kimberly Ivett understands how sight, smell and sound can trigger dental anxiety. When she designed her new practice, she has taken these factors into consideration. With floor-to-ceiling windows, our spacious waiting room with subtle aromatherapy oils will help mask those triggers. All our staff have extensive experience supporting patients with dental anxiety and phobia, they’re a great source of comfort to our patients as well.

Once Dr Kimberly Ivett has sat down and had a discussion to identify the severity of the patients anxiety, she can then provide them the best options for assessment and treatment.

Kimberly has spent over 10 years helping phobic patients manage and overcome their dental anxiety. She truly cares about the well-being of her patients and has made a positive difference in so many of their lives.

Sleep Dentistry or IV Sedation is a great option to undergo treatment. For more information on Sleep Dentistry Click Here

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