Dr Ibrahim Al-Salti or ‘Dr Al’ as he is affectionately called by his patients joined Sydney Boutique Dentistry in 2018. Similar to Kimberly he is a second generation dentist in his family so his training started from an early age. Ibrahim is always smiling, his lively personality always makes his patients feel at ease and relaxed.

After completing a pharmacy degree he decided to sink his teeth into the graduate dental program at Sydney University graduating with Honours in 2012.

Ironically Ibrahim was terrified of the dentist growing up. His personal experience with overcoming dental anxiety has given him an acute understanding of the dental anxiety faced by others. Ibrahim aims to make the dental experience as pleasant as humanly possible for everyone.

Over the years, Dr Al has developed an interest in Cosmetic Dentistry alongside ‘everyday dentistry’. This paved the way to further training both locally and abroad in places like Florida, Dubai, Milan, Athens and Geneva.

Dr Al believes in tailoring treatment to suit each patients needs. By listening to his patients past dental experiences and what they wish to achieve through their dental care, he will tailor treatment to each individual.

As an advocate for global healthcare and refugee health, Ibrahim is passionate about the well-being of those who are have been affected adversely by life events. He has volunteered for Dental Rescue Day locally and has completed many relief missions in refugee camps with international NGOs.

Whilst not in the clinic, catching up with friends (or making new ones), learning German or running errands, Ibrahim can be found planning his next adventure. His patients are a great source of knowledge so please feel free to make suggestions!