Thinking about invisible braces?


Invisible braces are the new alternative to metal braces that are transforming smiles across Sydney.

Reasons patients are getting invisible braces:

  • The Look
    Avoid the unsightly and obvious look of metal braces that often get food caught in them. Invisible braces are discreet and patients feel less self conscious while wearing them in public 

  • Shorter Treatment Time
    Invisible braces produce results in less time then metal braces

  • Comfort
    Invisible braces can be removed when eating and drinking unlike traditional braces that are glued to teeth for the duration of treatment. The smooth exterior of invisible braces doesn’t irritate cheeks and lips the same way as sharp edges do with metal braces.


Straighter teeth can be achieved in 3 simple steps:

  • Discuss patient goals

  • Take photo’s of current smile and evaluate

  • Determine timeline to complete treatment

  • Provide treatment costs

  • Patient consents to treatment

  • Take impressions 

  • Dentist designs smile transformation

  • Photo’s taken for before/after pictures

  • Return to receive first aligner in 3 weeks and start the transformation

  • Follow direction of dentist till course completion

  • For more information on invisible braces CLICK HERE

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