What are invisible braces?

Invisible braces are a series of plastic retainers that apply gentle pressure over time to straighten teeth.

For patients who do not like the look of metal braces, the plastic retainers are virtually impossible to see.


The process is painless to get started!

1. Book a invisible braces consultation and assessment with Dr Kimberly Ivett

2. Impressions/scan taken of teeth

3. Retainers are returned

4. Patients wear each retainer for a prescribed amount of time only removing them to eat, drink and brush their teeth


Who are invisible braces suitable for?

  • Patients would need a consult with the dentist to determine if they are suitable to invisible braces
  • Invisible braces are suitable for teenagers and adults but are more commonly prescribed to adults
  • Adult patients who had braces as teenagers and have noticed their teeth have started to relapse
  • Patients who only require a subtle adjustment to straighten their teeth


What are full orthodontics (Braces)

The traditional way of straightening teeth using strategically placed metal wires are called braces. If patients are required to have a more extensive orthodontic treatment, a referral can be arranged to see a Specialist Orthodontist.

Braces are suitable for patients of all ages. Braces will produce the most accurate and stunning results out of all of the orthodontic options.

An example of how invisible braces work.