Platinum Package

Introducing our ‘Platinum Package’

Combine your check up and clean with cosmetic injectables will receive a special offer on the injectables at $4.95 per unit (Usually $5.95 per unit)

Offer will also apply if you are eligible for ‘Gold Status’ as an added bonus!

Keep up the maintenance then in 6 months times you can have the trifecta all over again and get onto a routine.

Cosmetic injectables do not discriminate on gender and here at SBD we support the natural aging process and there are no prejudice in ageing gracefully. We simply provide this as a service to patients for multiple reasons and not only for anti-aging, but at times to correct symmetry, to medical conditions such as jaw pain.

Cosmetic injectables are used also to treat TMJ and jaw pain. If you experience jaw problems, these injectables help aid with relaxing the muscles that cause the pressure, tension and pain from clenching and grinding. Patients find this relieves their discomfort within a few days. Its a great non invasive way of treating the problem.How much is required varies from patient to patient, some patients require more then others but this will be assessed when you come in for your appointment.

Available for patients 18 years old and above and subject to patient suitability regarding cosmetic injectables and medical conditions.

Please refer to our Ts & Cs for further details with the clink below.