Express Whitening: In-Chair

Express whitening is a professional grade treatment that produces quick and immediate results. It is pain-free and will not leave teeth hyper-sensitive after treatment. This is a great option for those who have a special event on and need to brighten their smile quickly. The appointment only takes 30 minutes and patients will leave with a whiter and brighter smile.

Express Whitening is a great option if patients haven’t whitened before. The results of Express Whitening are immediate and will last between 6-8 weeks before natural staining reoccurs. There is no light so it is gentle on teeth and gums. If patients want extreme whitening results then we move to the Ultimate Whitening.

Ultimate Whitening Kit: Take-Home

Ultimate Whitening is a highly concentrated whitening gel that can only prescribed by a registered dentist. Patients are given a whitening kit to take home with them and are in full control as to how white their teeth go. Custom whitening trays are made to ensure full coverage of their teeth for the best whitening results. The Ultimate Whitening kit has a supply of whitening gel that allow patients to reapply the gel when they feel it’s time for a touch up. Sydney Boutique Dentistry stocks whitening gel refills for our patients to purchase as the need arises.

Patients will whiten at home for 30 minutes for 5-7 days to achieve the best results. If sensitivity occurs patients can stop whitening and complete the program when they are ready. Ultimate Teeth Whitening achieves great long lasting results and is a great option for maintaining long lasting, whiter teeth.

How do I optimise results?
The main factors that will determine the success of your teeth whitening are diet, age and existing condition of the teeth. Regular check-ups and professional teeth cleaning will optimize long-term results. It’s recommended that patients align their whitening regime to when they have their dental teeth cleaning.

Will my teeth be sensitive?
Tooth whitening can increase sensitivity in some cases, generally it is mild and will resolve once the whitening is completed. If teeth are sensitive, we recommend using a desensitising tooth paste during and after whitening to help reduce the discomfort. If sensitivity becomes extreme or prolonged, please contact the surgery (02) 9699 5199. 

Will teeth whitening damage my teeth?
Teeth whitening will not damage teeth when the directions given by the dentist are followed. Teeth whitening temporarily dehydrates teeth as it draws out discolouration, this is why they become sensitive. If patients frequently whiten their teeth, they will experience more sensitivity. Desensitising toothpastes will assist at relieving sensitivity. Teeth whitening does not increase likelihood of tooth decay, patients should always maintain regular check-ups.