The Birthing Kit Foundation – Assembly Day

We held our first assembly day on Saturday 11th of May and we had an amazing amount of patients, family and friends who helped out on the day.
We used the money raised from the Champagne Breakfast raffle and also accepted further donations to fund even more kits.
As a whole we made 400 kits that were sent straight to Uganda.
The ‘Birthing Kit Foundation’ is a charity that creates and distributes birthing kits that consist of the basic supplies required for childbirth. Over 300,000 women and 3 million newborns die each year from child baring in rural and remote areas who don’t have access to doctors or hospitals.
The birthing Kit Foundation is a charity that Dr Kimberly Ivett has been supporting for many years with her mother Julie as the co-founder!
For more information on The Birthing Kit Foundation please click the link below.