Fillings are necessary when you have developed a cavity, a piece of tooth has broken, or an existing filling requires replacement. Dr Kimberly Ivett only uses white tooth-coloured materials to restore your teeth making the fillings practically undetectable. Composite resin is reliable, durable and visually pleasing than old amalgam material. For larger restorations and replacement of big, old amalgam fillings, composite resin is unlikely to be a sufficient long-term option. In these cases porcelain (inlay/onlay) are the ideal course of treatment. Preventative 6 monthly dental check-ups are the best way to avoid the need for fillings. By detecting tooth decay early and acting, you avoid more extensive (and expensive) treatment.

Tooth decay doesn’t hurt, but once it’s present it only gets bigger.

Sydney Boutique Dentistry is an amalgam-free practice


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